Perception Neuron Collects $572,000 For VR Input Suit On Kickstarter

Beijing-based company Noitom Technology successfully concluded their Kickstarter bid for their Perception Neuron, a VR motion input suit and collected nearly $572,000, more than twice the campaign’s $250,000 goal. The company uses up to 30 sensors to track movement from entire limbs down to individual fingers.
The Perception Neuron is a wireless motion capture suit that Noitom says can be used for virtual reality input, as well as traditional mocap uses like animation, research, and sports analysis. It is similar to YEI Technology’s PrioVR motion input suit, however, the Perception Neuron offers support for individual finger tracking. Both systems use relative positioning to determine motion input which can be prone to drift.

The Perception Neuron Kickstarter campaign started on August 8th, offering early-bird packages of 10 sensors for $175, 20 sensors for $340, and 30 sensors for $500. As expected, he early-bird packages, limited to 100 each, sold out quicky, leaving the prices at $200, $375, and $550 respectively. Also offered was a ‘Super VR backer’s deal’, only available to backers of the Oculus Rift Kickstarter, which offered the 30 sensor package for $375, a generous discount of $175 off the standard 30 sensor package. 189 backers ended up with the Super VR backer’s deal among 1,329 total backers.

Author: HandsOnVR

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