NextVR’s Stereoscopic VR Cam Uses 6 Red Epic Dragon Cameras

New photos reveal a first glimpse at NextVR’s camera rig for recording stereoscopic 360 degree video for VR. The camera platform uses the six  RED Epic Dragon cameras to capture up to 6K resolution in stereoscopic 360 degree video.

Weighing in at more than 30 pounds, the camera system combines three stereo pairs of RED Epic Dragon cameras which are capable of recording up to 6K resolution video. Each Epic Dragon camera is priced at $31,200 on the company’s website for the camera’s body alone, bringing the cost to a little more than $180,000.

Next VR CEO David Cole is convinced though that the price is well worth it.

“The Dragon sensor used in this rig is the finest in the digital film industry. The image quality is incredible. Using the RED Dragon cameras as a basis provides an advantage over GoPro-based solutions in resolution, dynamic range, frames-per-second (critical for live sports), low-light performance, and connectivity to broadcast equipment.”

The company however is not selling the camera system, instead they are using it to produce recorded and live content. The company recently announce that they will have content pre-loaded onto Samsung Gear VR and will also have compatibility with the Oculus Rift.

“The technology behind the new NextVR Virtual Reality Digital Cinema Camera System is partially based on the three-dimensional video and camera technologies that several of the company’s engineers and producers designed for use in films like the IMAX® Journey to the South Pacific 3D, as well as Dolphin Tail, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Underworld, The Last Reef 3D and Great White Sharks 3D,” says the company.


Author: HandsOnVR

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