Elite Dangerous Beta 2.0 Fixes DK2 Judder Problems

The Elite Dangerous Beta is one of the best showcases for the Oculus Rift DK2. However, users were not pleased with some technical problems like judder when looking around in the virtual world. Finally all this has been fixed with the latest Beta 2.0 release. Here is the changelog as compiled by redditor CogitoSum:

  • Fix for crash when shutting down the game by clicking on the close button while rendering to Oculus Rift
  • Support for Oculus SDK 0.4.0 added
  • Fix for GalaxyMapCamera when Oculus Rift is enabled
  • Make sure the reference camera, which is used to provide the rendering service with a projection matrix, uses FOV and aspect ratio taken from the stereo cameras when Oculus Rift is enabled
  • Radar not being displayed on hyperspace when rendering to Oculus Rift fixed
  • If Oculus Rift isn’t present or the SDK could not be initialised, don’t show the Oculus Rift options in the 3D dropdown list part of the graphic options menu
  • Update Oculus SDK to version 0.4.1
  • Time warp fixes for Oculus
  • Updated Oculus SDK to version 0.4.2. This SDK isn’t compatible with runtimes 0.4.0 and 0.4.1, so installation of runtime 0.4.2 is mandatory
  • Added the setting ‘Oculus Image Quality’, a slider that controls the parameter ‘Pixels per Display Pixel’ passed to the SDK when calculating the recommended texture size. This gives users more control to find the right balance
  • between quality and performance for their particular setup. Since low values of the setting can have a very dramatic effect (e.g. text can become unreadable), the user is asked to confirm the selection even when only this setting has
  • been changed (using the already existing confirmation dialog). The slider is only enabled if stereo mode is set to Oculus Rift, and it will not be shown in the graphic options screen if an Oculus Rift wasn’t detected
  • Disabled depth testing for the landing pad schematic material as its billboard is now partially occluded by the cockpit after the Oculus depth
  • When disabling Oculus stereo mode, if using Direct Access, make sure the swap buffer gets recreated



Author: HandsOnVR

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